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My Project: Night Drift: The Ninja Of Tokyo Vibe

Night Drift: The Ninja Of Tokyo Vibe is my first animated TV series concept for Nickelodeon. The main reason why I want to create this project is because, the show will be a big plan about combining it's animation technique: 2D Hand-Drawn Animation with 3D CGI Animation. This show is set to inspire and entertain with a story inspired by Spider Man: Into The Spider-Verse trilogy, this series is an exciting idea that I came up to with. Despite my love of the Spider-Verse movie trilogy, it's illustration will be using at least 4 art styles used for the animation process: Japanese Watercolor Arts, My cousin's (Katrina "Kat Grow" Gosiengfiao) Filipino Watercolor Arts, Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night & Actual Modern Japanese & American Graffiti Art. For the main series, it will focus on a 15 year old, Japanese Teenager, Jiro Kuryami Hayashi as the main titular protagonist. After he obtained an ancient dragon spirit sword from an  old forbidden temple, he transforms into Night Drift as his destiny to go on a series of adventures with the aid of his mentor worthy & mostly gullible sidekick, Ginsu & a team of Spirit Ninjas, The High Council Of The Thousand Spirits on protecting a Modern Japanese City called, Tokyo Vibe from an evil threat of the Black Demon Samurai and his army of the Undead Shadow Demons and as well as other Villains at large.

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